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12 Mar 14 - 02:06

Apple tv beckons hon hai Apple tv beckons hon hai It promises to change television in the way the ipad did computing, and the opportunity to make apple inc's much anticipated smart tv could explain taiwan's hon hai precision industry's bold move to buy into 100 year old japanese firm sharp. Hon hai took around a 10 percentage points stake in sharp corp, with the taiwanese firm's billionaire founder terry gou putting his own money into a deal that marries sharp's advanced tv the computer industry with hon hai's expertise in making apple products. Which can put the taiwan firm in a strong position to push for orders to make the apple tv, potentially taking the bosses from korean rivals such as lg display while furthering hon hai's aim to move beyond contract making and Pandora Jewelry Australia boost its brand profile. "Hon hai has already been the assembler of apple's iphone and ipad, it needs upcoming driver, which ends up as apple tv, said yuanta investments analyst vincent chen. "It's something which terry gou cannot afford not to do.But this can be very big gamble, It's a gamble simply, chen described, there is not any guarantee that sharp/hon hai would actually get the orders.As an example, if apple wanted to use the new amoled products, an alternative choice to lcd displays, in the tv screen, sharp had to develop it because it does not yet Pandora Beads Australia have it. Then there is the question of whether the device would be a big seller not inevitably a given in the fast moving technology industry just because other apple products have been blockbuster successes. The television, said to be coming to stores later this year at the first, displays, like most of you're able to send products, been the main topics much talk and rumour on apple related and other we b sites. Similar to a giant ipad and christened by some the"Itv, the device could perhaps have a 42 inch screen, and may have voice control via the siri technology that works on the latest iphones.Reports have also said that apple is seeking exclusive content for machine. "We expect apple to debut the itv towards the end of this year, and chances are it will adopt sharp's 10th generation tft production line to produce tft lcds for itvs, daiwa capital markets cheapest price said in a study note seen by reuters, having a debate about a technology that uses thin film transistors for improved lcd image quality. "We believe hon hai will have better vertical integration in manufacturing for the apple itv following its stake purchase of sharp's(Plama)Sow(In okazaki, japan), The claim said. Clear, unlike south korea's samsung consumer electronic devices, is not a competitor and a supplier to apple.That may give the sharp/hon hai team an edge, especially as apple and samsung are fighting patent lawsuits that could th r eaten their supplier Pandora Birthstone Beads liaison. Hon hai may also get orders from sharp for contract making of japan firm's tvs as well as more orders from sharp customers, passing on a further benefit. "Sharp is also various suppliers to apple, the deal will help hon hai to tighten its relationship with apple and noticeably raise its capability, explained jamie wang, taipei based analyst at technological research firm gartner. "Sharp will have a way to compete for apple orders;With hon hai's involvement it personal computer competitive because they can offer better pricing, she alleged. Necessary risks too, on the contrary.As an example sharp rival sony corp is also a hon hai customer, and said on wednesday it wouldn't make any further investment in the sharp lcd plant that hon hai acquired a stake in and in which sony also has a stake. Hon hai would also become a contender to fellow foxconn group company and lcd maker chimei innolux, helping the group's output of panels while demand still remains subdued and prices fall. Analysts at macquarie noted in a research report seen by reuters that as the top investor in sharp, hon hai may face losses from its stake and may need to inject more money into sharp. Japan company has forecast a record 290 billion yen net loss for the year to march. Shares in hon hai rose as much as the ideal 6.9 percent allowed in a session in Taipei on saturday, Before shutting up 4.6 percentage point in a broader market up 0.11 zero per cent.Sharp shares jumped 15 proportion in tokyo.

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